We offer consultancy services in innovative construction techniques, residential and commercial building, design and build contracts and project management.

We will build out our own projects up to a specific size and for Clients that we can establish a special relationship and clear understanding prior to contract. We use management contracting US style where we work to market not book rates by working the market to find those that can provide the construction sub contract along with design. We project manage and integrate the design and interface with the other component sub- contractors.

We will offer a budget price and a target price based on proper development appraisal and valuation with an agreed percentage for profit and administration. We use NEC and JCT contracts.

The Directors are aware of the pitfalls of construction using innovative techniques and resourcing a project correctly using our approach, so that Employer or Labour do not take control over projects with a delivery that is market and not book rate monopolised by the professionals and many construction firms.
Commercial and Residential projects carried out: