Physical Manifestation & Delivery

The Four Gifts:

Spirit, Power, Wisdom, Grace

The Four Absolutes: Honesty …..Communication……Loyalty…..Service

Company Mandate

To design, develop and construct innovative buildings using low energy input. It will build a series of companies and special purpose vehicles for its projects.

The Four Directions:

4 Absolute Development

To provide investment opportunity in desirable development projects for its own brand and in consultancy for other.

4 Absolute Build

To provide a building service that supports a professional and competitive approach to building using new construction techniques for its projects with open book management contracting using market and not book rates. To supervise and project manage main contractors and sub -contractors who are more competitive than us on our projects. The profit per contract would be 10.5% and all the company procedures are in place. This company would promote zero energy building and geo thermal and energy solutions to the public sector.

4 Absolute Hotels

Branded "4A Hotels" using one of our products that would provide an alternative at the budget end of the market and for airside airports. A prototype has been built. It is designed for high land values in major cities using archiving space rentals and can be seen as a fit out operation housed within a new envelope or an existing one. We can achieve 100 rooms in approximately 12,000 sq ft with a top average room rate of £39.50